Burglar Alarm Repairs Rochdale

Alarm repairs

I will always aim to repair your system as this is normally the most cost effective way of getting your home secure again.Repairing a faulty alarm is my personal preference, Repairing a faulty burglar alarm requires skill, Installing a new Burglar alarm requires hard work !. A lot of intruder alarm Companys in Rochdale just condemn faulty systems as they often do not have the skilled staff to correctly diagnose a faulty alarm system. Condeming an alarm system to install a new one can cost you a lot of money, there is also a high probability that they will remove a professionally installed intruder system to then have a bodge job fitted!. Rochdale Alarms receive many enquires from customers with alarm panels or CCTV systems that are already installed, these customers may have faults or just in need of a maintenance visit but are having difficulty finding a company able or willing to provide this service.

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Alarm upgrades

Is your system looking tatty or lacking some features you would like ?, I can upgrade your alarm system at a fraction of the cost of installing a new one.Having your system upgraded is also less hastle as it is done in less time and with less disruption to your home.

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Alarm installation

If you are looking for an installation of a new Intruder Alarm you have come to the right place, I offer a free of charge survey of your home to ensure you protect the most vulnerable areas.As I specialise in the repair of burglar alarm systems I see many poorly installed systems, I use this knoledge to install a system that will last many years. I will not talk you into protecting low risk areas as you may be wasting your hard earned money. Due to my many years in the security industry I am happy to come and fault find or just service your old Alarm panel or CCTV system. I often find many panels are able to be up and running again in less than an hour of me being on site.

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