Burglar Alarm Repairs Rochdale

I charge from £50 to visit your home or business,this is based on you booking online.
To book over the phone the call out charge is £60.

The callout includes up to 1 hours labour,in 95% of cases this is enough time to repair your burglar alarm system.
I cover most areas within Greater Manchester and Lancashire to repair your faulty Burglar Alarm including Rochdale , other areas including these
All replacement parts have a 12 month guarantee, should you have any faults on your Burglar Alarm within 1 month of being repaired , no further call out will be charged.


Reasons for Burglar Alarm repairs or callout may be:

  • Burglar Alarm not setting
  • False alarms
  • Cables cut or damaged
  • Faulty battery
  • Burglar Alarm wont stop ringing
  • Burglar Alarm not accepting code
  • Burglar Alarm code needs changing
  • Tamper fault light
  • The alarm goes off immediately on entering the building.
  • The sounder does not operate when a detector is triggered.
  • New door fitted
  • New windows fitted

I began working in the Burglar alarm Industry at the age of 18, this gives me over 24 year’s experience.
I mostly worked for local Authorities (Oldham & Tameside) on large complex commercial Burglar alarm systems.
Rochdale Alarms is my business and I am the only technician, I have no plans to expand as I feel I would loose control of the quality of the service I provide.

While I am up a ladder or driving my receptionist may answer your call, I will always ring you back at the next available moment.