Texecom Veritas 8 Royton

The veritas 8 control panels have been around since the mid 90's and are still made today, they are one of the most simple alarms to use.
Main features are:-

  • Silent part set - can be programmed not to wake others in the house when setting at night.
  • Double knock - Detectors can be programed to onlt activate after the second trigger , this greatly reduces false alarms.
  • Single button setting - the system can be set without needing to enter the code , just pressing "Full" or "Part" is enough to set the system.
  • Chime function - Zones (like front door) can be programmed to make a pleasent chime noise , usefull for letting you know when doors are open.

veritas 8 standard

These panels are the same size as optima alarms so are a good replacement as they will accept all the existing cables while covering any unsightly wall covering under your old panel

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Veritas 8 Compact

The Compact model is much smaller than the standard Veritas 8, It is normally used only in new installations where the instaler will have greater control over the cable positions.

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Veritas R8

The R8 model functions in exactly the same way as the other Veritas models , the only difference is that the control panel can be sited in a hidden place like an airing cuboard while the small remote keypad can be sited near your front or rear door.

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