AlarmGAP smart alarm

AlarmGAP is a unique upgrade that can be added to almost any intruder alarm system, should your alarm be triggered for any reason,  yourself and whoever you chose will be notified.
we install a small circuit board within your existing alarm panel that connects your alarm system to your home WIFI
Unlike many other products that can notify you of alarm activations, AlarmGAP is by far the simplest to use and does not rely upon complicated or unreliable mobile Apps.
  • Get notified when your alarm is set or unset.
  • Get an automated phone call if your system is triggered.
  • No app needed on mobile , just access through the AlarmGAP website
  • Add family or friends as contacts.

Adding contacts

You can easily add or remove contacts via the secure website portal, you can choose to have an automated call to a mobile or emails.

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Events history

You can view the history of your alarm system, when it was set, unset, triggered and then reset.
You can filter just the "Alarms" which is when the system was sounding and then reset.

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Health checking

AlarmGAP has another unique feature where every few minutes it sends a signal to our cloud servers, this signal tells us that your alarm is powered up and your home WIFI and internet are working as they should be.
We often contact customers to find that they have changed their broadband provider, it's sometimes the case they have a new wireless name and password that has stopped the alarm communicating.
The customer can easily reconnect the alarm to their internet and we are always happy to talk customers through this.

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Customer portal

All the features of AlarmGAP are accessed via our secure customer portal, only the account holder has access to all the features, people added as contacts do not have access unless you give them your login details.

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Alarm activation

The main flaw in many smart alarm systems is how the notifications are done, most just have a subtle tone or noise.
AlarmGAP makes a phone call that reads out your address and the time/date of the activation.

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