ADE Optima XM4 & XM6 repairs and upgrades in Rochdale

I do not mail order parts for these panels and only repair them in the areas listed on this site.

I can upgrade or repair any ADE Optima XM4 or XM6 burglar alarm system in most areas including Rochdale.

  • These panels are quite old and basic but they are very reliable.
  • Lack functionality in part set and can be a little long winded when setting the alarm when you are in bed.
  • These panels take 1.2 AH, 2.0 AH and 3.0 AH batteries.
  • The Optima XM was an earlier version of the  XL,The XM does not have a backlit keypad
  • The Optima XM4 is 4 zones , the XM6 has 6 zones

Optima XM 4

4 Zone

Download free manual

Optima XM 6

6 Zone

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