Common Faults on burglar alarms Rochdale

Usually this is caused by the systems standby battery requiring replacing. The relevant standards state that this battery should not be left more than 4 years before replacing.
This is usually the inadvertant enabling of the chime function on your keypad. Instructions on how to disable the chime are available in your user guide.
This is normally down to going too fast with your key inputs at the pad. The alarm needs clear instruction and a steady rate of key pressing will normally relieve this problem.
Over time the keypad contacts build up a layer of dirt / carbon on the keys and circuit board. A thorough cleaning will normally restore the keypad operation. This can be done as part of a service visit and it is not advised to be carried out by the customer.
This will occur if the system detects a tamper fault or the triggering of a panic device. A tamper condition is a fault and will require an engineer visit. 24 hour zones will need resetting before the system can reset.
This may be due to a faulty door, window or movement detector.It is also a common fault after new carpets or building work is done in the home alarm cables are quite thin and are often damaged.
In 99% of cases alarm systems can have their codes re-programed if you have lost them or have not been given the code by the previous occupier
Having a powercut for upto 8 hours should not cause problems with your alarm, however if your backup battery is over 4 years old it may have lost its memory.Just replacing the battery will not solve this as the system will need re-programming.
There are many reasons for this , normally I investigate the log on the system to narrow down the cause.When I have the circuit responsible I electronicaly test the cable,I also inspect the devices on the circuit.Once my assesment is complete I will discuss my recomendations with the customer.